Perfect Height of Coffee Table Ideas

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Perfect Height of Coffee Table Ideas

Drinking a cup of coffee while having light conversation has been a culture for some country. In some country, inviting people for drinking coffee means tightening friendship. It is indeed pleasant to have a cup of coffee and talk light conversation with colleagues or family members in home. It is in line with one of the social function of a home that is to unite people and make them closer. Therefore, some people even provide a room that is especially to invite people to enjoy a cup of coffee. It inspires some designers to give more references about the coffee room design. According to the tradition occurs in the society, there are some types of coffee room design. However, among those two types, the most important thing that a designer need to pay attention is considering the height of coffee table. It is important because the tradition said that it will determine how the relationship occurs.

There are two major types of coffee table, sitting on the floor and bar style. A coffee table that does not have a chair requires you to sit on the floor. The height of coffee table in this kind of table is usually as high as stomach position. Therefore, all people who sit around the table can see each other clearly. Besides, this kind of tables provides more intimate relationship. It is because this height of coffee table cut the formality. People can have conversation comfortably. The second type of table is bar style. Bar styles usually has bar table and high chair. Usually the countertops will be as high as people’s stomach. In this position, people will easily grab their coffee from the bar. Furthermore, the height of coffee table also gives people more freedom to move. It makes people feel more comfortable in this kind of table.

The idea of height of coffee table is very unique. It combines tradition and the modern custom, drinking coffee. Drinking a cup of coffee while lounging indeed has been a lifestyle nowadays. People spend much time in café just to enjoy its coffee. Thus, home coffee table in the height of coffee table ideas present alternative to bring café atmosphere in your house.

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